lrcShow-X 2 测试版

心之所在 | 2011/04/04







    1. Wbprime

      How to install it for Amarok on Archlinux?

    2. @Wbprime First, you should install pyqt (python and qt bindings), qt (>=4.5.0), python-dbus (python and dbus bindings), pygobject (python and gobject bindings), then download the source package on kde-apps or launchpad (stable version, the latest version is 1.4.2) and run directly while the supported player is running. Please read README file in package for more details. Thank you.

    3. 沈觅仁


    4. marguerite

      @三翻领 1. transparency还是记不住; 2. 开了multi-search模式搜歌(也许不开也是)还是偶尔会segmentation fault. error output: QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running; 3. 有时候搜不到歌词自己不报错就退. 没有output.

    5. 请提供一下播放器、默认搜索引擎,以及出现最后一个问题时,播放的歌曲。谢谢。

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